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Information about the game where you can,
Go to a party. Drink and drive! Play sex games till you get a nasty STI and who knows,
you might learn something, that some people wouldn't want you to know!!

Story Structure Crystalised

1. Jail Scene
Chapter 1
1. Who Wants To Be A Pothead?
2. Whack-A-Winkler
3. Driving Me Crazy
Chapter 2
1. The Condom Caper
2. Sexteroids
    a. High-Five! OR
    b. Burly Grandma's Sexual Quiz
3. Feelin' Good
    a. Give a tattoo first, get one second OR
    b. Get a tattoo first, give one second
4. Artistic Expression
Chapter 3
1. Driving Me Crazy II
1. Officer Bob's Report
2. Credits

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