Are You Suffering Burn Out!

1You are tired of it all, feeling mentally or physically drained.
2Activities you once enjoyed no longer interest you.
3You find there is no time for relaxation or recreation.
4You have lost your sense of perspective and see disaster in minor setbacks.
5You are suffering more physical complaints: headaches, insomnia, frequent colds, fatigue.
6Your day is filled with constant frustration and dissatisfaction.
7You are performing your job carelessly or mechanically.
8You have unrealistic standards of behaviour or performance for yourself.
9You have a hostile or cynical attitude towards others.
10You have over-extended or over-commited yourself in terms of time and energy.
11You try to attain perfection in everything you do.
12You are less communicative with close friends or loved ones.
13You dread going to work in the morning.
14You feel you are more forgetful than usual.
15You are unable to laugh at yourself.
16You find yourself frequently upset or irritable.
17You are working harder but accomplishing less.
18Your general feeling is one of depression or sadness.
19You feel you are inadquately compensated for the work you do.
20You are withdrawing from key relationships in your life.